You can have a Hollywood smile too!

March 23, 2012 | Posted in Cosmetic, Restoration, Whitening, Oral Health | Be the first one to comment

It’s apparent that celebrities in movies and on television have amazing smiles.  Not many people get perfect teeth naturally.  Since it’s a very visible part of your face, it’s understandable that you would want it to look as attractive as possible.   What most people don’t know is that these days, it’s not hard to get yourself a smile that we call Hollywood-like.  There are numerous treatments at your disposal at your friendly dental office.  You can have chips and gaps filled, stains removed, teeth straightened and missing teeth replaced.  Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to be an unreachable fantasy that only celebrities have access to.  Rejuvenating your smile can improve the look of your whole face and give you the confidence to show off your smile.

However, Prevention and proper Maintenance is always better and easier than facing the consequences of poor oral health! Again, most people are not born with perfect teeth and just like maintaining the rest of your body by exercising and eating healthy, your oral health is accountable to your hygiene and eating habits.  You should know that your teeth can become tainted from smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine or cola.  Avoiding drinking these drinks in excess can prevent further staining of your teeth.  The best way to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile is to brush and floss properly every day.  Food particles can accumulate on teeth and over time, turn into plaque and further hardening to tartar.  The bacteria that results from this accumulation from failure to maintain good oral health can lead to gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay and even the loss of your teeth.  A dental hygienist can remove plaque and tartar that cannot be easily removed by brushing or flossing.  To avoid these problems it is essential to visit the dentist at least twice each year.  Doing this allows the dental team to provide consistent care, identify and address any potential problems at an early stage to protect you from more serious problems later.  Despite the latest technology where teeth can look and feel real, preventing the loss of your own teeth is still the best option.  A healthy smile gives your confidence a boost and when we feel good, we look good! 

A family practice like ours is your first defense against serious dental problems.  Over the past 14 years our patients have embraced our practice and their support has made us strong.  We return their confidence by striving for excellence in quality care by our friendly and gentle dental team using the very best and latest technological tools.  Call Dentistry @ Equinox to book an appointment for you and your family.  Experience the Difference.

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